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Positive Reflection

Seeing worth, potential and goodness in other people means it exists within you too. What you witness being created within another can also be created within yourself. There is no need for jealousy, competition or comparison. You are simply witnessing a desire you have. Seek to discover this innate power and possibility and how this positive action raises your vibration. By doing so, you begin to reflect that on other people who also desire to see the best within themselves.

Protect Your Energy

Are you giving away a lot of your energy or experiencing some energy leaks? It’s ok to protect your energy from depletion in order to sustain your vital life force. This doesn’t need to look like closing yourself off from others. Take care of yourself first. Create boundaries that allow you to hold your centre. Visualise golden loving light surrounding your body in times you need it. If people are not respectful of your boundaries, changes in these relationships may need to happen.

Clarity of Insight

Feeling lost, confused or always looking to others for the right answer? You may need to take a break and find some time for solitude. Unplug from external sources. Limit the opinions, fears and projections from those around you, and look inside yourself. This way you are better able to receive clear messages and to know what guidance is right and true for you. The more you do so, the stronger the messages will come to you as will your confidence in following the guidance you receive.

Ascending Spirit

There are multiple dimensions of consciousness accessible through your continued spiritual growth and transformation. Level by level, as you experience this expansion, the next part of your journey begins to be illuminated. If you align with the truth that lies within you and take active steps to face it, working through these blocks to heal them, you will continue to be guided along the right spiritual path. Guidance will appear as powerful synchronicities and divine flow. You will receive all that you need to help navigate your new surroundings.

Unfolding Lesson

Is there a situation occurring for you that is taking up a lot of your time, energy or focus? Whether you view it as a positive or negative, it is part of greater learning and understanding of who you are and what you are here to do. Be grateful for this awareness of the bigger purpose. See the impermanent and transitory nature of what is occurring right now and know that everything is as they are meant to be.

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