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The Darling Tree

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Eternal Energy

There is powerful metaphysical wisdom in your body. Your natural state is one of vibrating high on energy, passion, vitality and joy. The Universe holds infinite energy for you to access to live and fulfil your purpose. Spiritual wellness allows you to tap into this source and keep your inner fire burning. Use this as a reminder to create flow in the energy centres within your body. Discover and engage in practices and activities which assist with generating and maintaining this movement of energy.

Express Your Truth

Think about the people in your life you feel you can communicate your true feelings, dreams and experiences with, and who you don’t feel you can share these thoughts with. Why is it that you feel this difference? Is it possible you have a preconceived idea of what another person will understand or accept? They may surprise you. Give others the chance to hear what your truth is before assuming what they are capable of understanding. Choose not to hide the most important aspects of yourself, and see how your relationships can evolve.

Embodied Knowing

Receiving stronger messages from the Divine will occur when you open up to every possible way for that information to come through you. Become willing to notice the different ways in which they appear. Through your senses, your intuition, as well as within your physical body. Feel into where different areas of your life show up in your body. Where do you feel most connected to Spirit? How does the intelligence of the Universe resonate inside you? Imagine that every cell in your body is connected and open, listening for the more subtle and quiet messages of knowing.

Childlike Play

Embrace the lighter side of life when things are feeling heavy. If you have a tendency to take life seriously or get caught up in negative mind loops, allow yourself time for enjoyment. Move, play, make a mess, invite others to join you. Fill more moments with laughter and fun. Let it shift stagnant energy, refresh your body and clear your mind. With it comes an understanding that your worries will pass, nothing is forever, and you may as well savour the present as much as possible.

Cultivate Compassion

The more awareness you have in your own life, the more open you become to be accepting, forgiving and non-judgemental of others. With compassion, we become more giving, can be of higher service to those who need us, and see that we are helped and receive so much in return. A reminder to also offer this kindness and understanding to yourself when you need it. Self-compassion is just as important, to transform self-judgment and criticism into self-love and acceptance.

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