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Guidance for the Energy of Leo Season

How you can play and shine bright with the Leo energy with spiritual affirmations, an oracle card reading, and crystal healing — plus download your free art print.
Guidance for the Energy of Leo Season | Artwork

Welcome to the season of Leo. To clarify, we all feel the energy of Leo working in our lives during this period, no matter what month we were born in.

When the sun is in your sign of Leo, you may find the themes that come up are heightened. This guide is to help you and the other signs stay centred and connected with your inner self by bringing your awareness to what may come up for you. You can also use this guide to understand and support the Leo friend in your life.

This month is ruled by the Sun and the fire element, so it will be important to ignite our inner fire, shine a light on our creative energies and flow with this playful yet powerful energy. It’s developing our courage and confidence through healthy self-expression and development of the ego.

For those of us who are earth, water, and air signs, we are being asked to explore new forms of expression that come more naturally to the fire sign. This may look like how you can embrace leadership, become more social, sharing the parts of ourselves we have hidden, and adding more play to your life.

This fun track by Space Cadet ‘People Happy’ is the perfect vibe for this season. Have a quick dance break and shift that energy!

Read on as I share some ways you can embrace courage, confidence and joy with the energy of Leo.

The zodiac sign of


Symbol: THE LION
Element: FIRE 🜂
Ruler: THE SUN

When in balance: Playful, charismatic, joyful, confident, heart-centred, courageous, creative, radiant, romantic.

When out of balance: Attention-seeking, defensive, possessive, inauthentic, dramatic, narcissistic, depressed, needs external validation.

To bring into balance: Say yes to life, tap into a new form of creativity, write down the things you are grateful for, engage in something you are passionate about, dance or sing, give yourself a compliment, change up your hair or wardrobe, buy yourself bright flowers, burn a candle to connect with the element for fire, wear yellow, orange or gold.

Leo Season

oracle card spread

Here’s a powerful and encouraging 5-card oracle card spread you can do during Leo season between July 23 to August 22, for the new moon in Leo, or anytime if your zodiac sign is Leo.

Grab your favourite oracle or tarot deck, or mix it up if you like. Shuffle the cards, and ask these questions as you draw each card.

Spend some time journaling on the messages you receive to dive deeper into how the current energy is affecting you and how you can amplify areas of your life to energise and thrive.

Leo Season Oracle Card Spread

CARD 1 /

What is a major theme of this Leo season for me?

CARD 2 /

How can I better express myself?

CARD 3 /

Where in my life is my ego blocking me?

CARD 4 /

How can I be brave during this period?

CARD 5 /

Where am I being lead to shine my light?

Want to try the online version of a 5-card spread?
Leo Season

Healing Gemstones

With the help of crystals and their energy fields, we can enhance our natural gifts and improve our weaknesses. Here are three gemstones to support and balance us during this time of year.

Leo Gemstones | Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Sunstone


The Tiger’s Eye reflects the light of the sun and is a master tool for manifestation and unblocking creative abilities. It can help slow down over-excited nerves for a calm flow of energy and balanced mood. It also encourages us to use our power wisely and to lead by example. Connected with the sacral and solar plexus chakra.


Sunny citrine brings joy and abundance to the heart space and encourages free expression. Even introverts love to express themselves, and Citrine is a beautiful tool to free yourself from fear of judgement. A powerful stone for shifting your mindset and awakening your abilities and creative imagination. Connected with the sacral and solar plexus chakra.


This joyful stone radiates the energy of the sun and assists with elevating passion, happiness and good fortune. Use it during this Leo season for working on your self-esteem, and empowering you to express your true nature, allowing your real self to shine through. Connected with the solar plexus chakra.

Leo Season

Positive Affirmations

Here are six spiritual affirmations you can use to connect and work with the Leo energy. Write down one or two that you feel most connected to. Place it near you to remind yourself and, throughout the day, focus on them and repeat a few times, to feel the truth embody you.

I courageously express my vision.

I allow my heart to lead me.

I celebrate the life I’ve created.

I magnetise success and prosperity.

I embrace and support my inner child.

I accept, appreciate and approve of myself.

Leo Season Free Artwork Print Download

Download your free copy of the artwork for Leo! This is a high-quality A4 artwork you can add to your sacred space.

Use it as a reminder to check in with yourself and how you are feeling throughout the month and come back to this post to check in and realign where you need to.

Simply fill in your name and email, and when you hit the button you will be redirected to a page where you can download your artwork.

Leo Season


This free download is for personal use only. It cannot be resold, reworked, redistributed, or used otherwise without permission. To share it with others please direct them to this blog post, thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this Leo season energetic guide! You can share and find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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