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Full Moon Oracle Card Spread

A 5-card spread you can include as part of your full moon practice each cycle.
Full Moon Oracle Card Spread

The full moon is a powerful time for connecting with yourself, raising your vibration and powering up the magic behind your desires

Here’s a full moon card spread you can do as part of your ritual, using an oracle or tarot deck, or mix it up if you like.

Shuffle the cards, as usual, and ask these questions as you draw the cards:

Full Moon Oracle Card Spread - A 5-card spread you can include as part of your new moon practice each cycle

1 /

What has manifested since the new moon?

The current moon cycle has already begun to bring about situations or changes in your mindset to allow for further growth and opportunity during the remainder of the cycle and beyond. Understand how your desires are already in motion.

2 /

What truth needs to be illuminated and no longer hidden?

It can be hard to see or face what is truly going on within or around us, but shining a light on the shadow is the most powerful way of understanding yourself and elevating your energy and healing. Be brave and look at what is trying to come out from the dark.

3 /

How can I release what is no longer serving me in order to move forward?

Understanding what is blocking us, or how our perspective needs to change, is such an important step in being able to move forward into our true potential. By consciously choosing to release those old stories that get in our way, we can create a healthy new mindset.

4 /

What opportunity is getting ready to emerge?

The opportunities that are truly meant for us often come in unexpected ways. We become so distracted in our daily quest towards our desires and goals, that we forget that the ultimate magic and power behind our true potential is working for us in divine ways.

5 /

Message from the universe for this full moon.

Bring this message into your month by finding ways to include it in your daily practices. You could add it on your altar, set yourself some reminders to repeat your affirmation, create a piece of art including the words, or light a candle while reflecting on your affirmation.

I hope you enjoy creating your own full moon spread and card reading. You can share this spread on your Instagram or pin them on your Pinterest inspiration boards! You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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