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Inner Star

Oracle Deck

Made for the magic seekers who know there’s more beyond what meets the eye, who sense the guiding energies around them, and who dream of living a soul fuelled life. The cards in this deck offer a little reminder of our inner wisdom, imagination and intuition.

Intentional Legacy

When you arrive at the end of this life, what will you have contributed, what did you stand for, how did you show up, what did you create? You have made a positive impact on more people than you think you have. Appreciate what you’ve been able to give, reaffirm your values and share your voice in a way that you’ll be proud to look back on and will set a valuable precedent for others to build on.

Affirmation: I show up the world with integrity and honesty as I inspire and empower others.

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The Darling Tree is a visionary business devoted to helping you awaken your creative spirit and explore the magic in your soul. All offerings are created from the heart and seek to align with the core values of art, spirit, creativity, learning, freedom, inspiration, community and self.

The Darling Tree is an earthy and grounded spirit with strong roots in design and art. Over the years she has experience different seasons as she continues to explore and discover new ways of being creative.

Explore your mystical and artistic side and delve deeper into your own spiritual practice with these magical gifts. 

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