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Guidance for the Energy of Cancer Season

How you can invite in and flow with the Cancer energy with spiritual affirmations, an oracle card reading, and crystal healing — plus download your free art print.
Guidance for the Energy of Cancer Season | Artwork

Welcome to the season of Cancer. To clarify, we all feel the energy of Cancer working in our lives during this period, no matter what month we were born in.

When the sun is in your sign of Cancer, you may find it extra challenging to deal with the highs and lows of the season. This guide is to help you and the other signs stay centered and connected with your emotions by bringing your awareness to what may come up for you. You can also use this guide to understand and support the Cancerian friend in your life.

This month is ruled by the Moon and the water element, so it will be important to be patient with our emotions and nurturing our sensitivities. Looking deeper at them enhances our intuitive and inner strength as they teach us so much about what is happening within that we may tend to ignore.

For those of us who are earth, fire, and air signs, we are being asked to explore new forms of expression that come more naturally to the water sign. This may look like sharing with others from a more vulnerable place, or creative work with emotional authenticity, and making sense of the human experience.

A musical artist that truly encompasses this vibe is Moby, particularly this track, a beautiful variation on his famous track ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’:

Read on as I share some ways you can connect, grow and expand with the energy of Cancer.

The zodiac sign of


JUNE 21 – JULY 22
Symbol: THE CRAB
Element: WATER ▽

When in balance: Deeply intuitive, sensitive, psychic, nurturing, loyal, imaginative, compassionate, spirited.

When out of balance: Insecure, moody, pessimistic, lonely, co-dependant, stagnant, numb, lack of boundaries.

To bring into balance: Swim or take a bath or shower, freshen up your home, cook a meal at home, share with a friend, drink herbal tea, create a sacred space, journal through your emotions, enjoy old photos or memories, indulge in a creature comfort, watch the moon at night.

Cancer Season

oracle card spread

Here’s a revealing and nurturing 5-card oracle card spread you can do during Cancer season between June 21 to July 22, for the new moon in Cancer, or anytime if your zodiac sign is Cancer.

Grab your favourite oracle or tarot deck, or mix it up if you like. Shuffle the cards, and ask these questions as you draw each card.

Spend some time journaling on the messages you receive to dive deeper into how the current energy is affecting you and how you can amplify areas of your life to create alignment and flow.

Cancer Zodiac Oracle Card Spread | Cancer Zodiac Tarot Card Spread

CARD 1 /

What is a major theme of this Cancer season for me?

CARD 2 /

What is my current emotional state?

CARD 3 /

What in my life do I need to nurture?

CARD 4 /

How can I come out of my shell during this time?

CARD 5 /

Where am I being asked to create more flow and ease?

Want to try the online version of a 5-card spread?
Cancer Season

Healing Gemstones

With the help of crystals and their energy fields, we can enhance our natural gifts and improve our weaknesses. Here are three gemstones to support and balance us during this time of year.

Cancer Gemstones | Moonstone, Ruby, Emerald


A stone of new beginnings, promoting inner growth and strength. Moonstone is a powerful calmer of emotions, helping to balance the emotions and to relieve anxiety and stress. It is used for bringing visions and dreams to life. Enhances sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities, drawing on the moon helps to reveal the mystery of all that is unseen. This crystal’s association with the Moon also being Cancer’s ruler makes it a powerful amplifier during Cancer season. Connected with the crown chakra.


A very dynamic and uplifting stone for life energy. It will help during Cancer season for transmuting angry and negative emotions. It can help protect against psychic attacks and mental exhaustion. For courage and connection with other souls, it encourages feelings of confidence and security and helps you to feel steady and balanced. Connected with the heart chakra.


A sacred stone to connect with the pure energy of Divine love. Soothing the emotional body it will help you understand your own needs and emotions more clearly during Cancer season. It’s also an excellent stone for improving memory and activating artistic creativity and focus. Create equilibrium and restore personal power with patience and love. Connected with the heart chakra.

Cancer Season

Positive Affirmations

Here are six spiritual affirmations you can use to align and flow with the Cancer energy. Write down one or two that you feel most connected to. Place it near you to remind yourself and, throughout the day, focus on them and repeat a few times, to feel the truth embody you.

I let my emotions guide me.

I trust my intuition.

I am clear on my needs.

It is ok to grow slowly.

My sensitivity is my strength.

I allow myself to feel vulnerable.

Cancer Season - Free Art Print

Download your free copy of the artwork for Cancer! This is a high-quality A4 artwork you can add to your sacred space.

Use it as a reminder to check in with yourself and how you are feeling throughout the month and come back to this post to refresh your memory on how you can work with the energy and emotions you are feeling.

Simply fill in your name and email, and when you hit the button you will be redirected to a page where you can download your artwork.

Cancer Season


This free download is for personal use only. It cannot be resold, reworked, redistributed, or used otherwise without permission. To share it with others please direct them to this blog post, thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this Cancer season guide! You can share and find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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