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Full Moon Clarity Spread + 5 Tips for Staying Centred

A 5-card oracle card spread to recharge your intentions and enhance your manifestations.
Use this spread and this full moon to remove blockages and manifest with clarity.

A full moon spread to recharge your intentions and enhance your manifestations.

The full moon is a shining light that reflects back to us our true self. Keeping a nightly watch of the moon and her cycles helps us become more aware of our own radiant light.

Use this spread and this full moon to remove blockages and manifest with clarity.

Full Moon Clarity Oracle Card Spread

Card 1 /
Helpful guidance: What energy has been influencing me during this cycle?

Card 2 /
Release: This card represents the energy that you need to allow the next step to unfold.

Card 3 /
Clarity: As you select this card remind yourself of your set intention or desired outcome for a situation. This card will show you what is needed to guide you to your desire.

Card 4 /
What signs will guide me? Our feelings help us navigate our path and purpose. A symbol, colour or emotion from this card will guide you over the coming days. Watch for it as it manifests around you.

Card 5 /
I am ready! The energy of this card will help you open yourself to your intentional manifestations. Use this card as a meditation icon for the next 5 days. Display it at your altar or keep it close to you as a daily reminder of the guidance you are receiving at this time.

Five Tips for Staying Centred

During the new moon we often set our intentions for the coming cycle. Everyday life can sometimes override these intentions or create triggers that see us shift from our heart-centred intentions to mind-busy distractions. That’s why a Full Moon Spread can be helpful to realign us. By using oracle cards as a daily portal into your sacred space, you will be able to maintain your heart-centred intentions longer.

Creating new daily habits designed to help keep you heart-centred will help. Here are five (5) tips that you can easy incorporate into your daily routine. By following these 5 tips will be amazed in just 15 days how much more clarity and manifestation power you have.

1 /
After setting your new moon intention, take the time each day, preferably in the morning, to write a note to yourself. On this note re-write your new moon intention, the gifts you have that will help you achieve it, and 3 blessings that you already have in relation to this intention. Re-writing the same intention is a way to reinforce and align your energy with this intention.

2 /
Keep an altar or create a sacred journal that you can view daily, especially during your morning “get ready” routine.

3 /
During the day select an oracle card, from your collection or use our online deck, and feel this energy guiding your day. Breathe into this moment and into your heart chakra.

4 /
Re-read your morning note to yourself as a lunchtime treat and energy re-alignment.

5 /
In the evening journal some thoughts about your day which include signs, blessings, intuition or coincidences that happened. This is an important step. With this particular step you will start to see the magic in the everyday and how much your have been guided.

I hope you enjoy creating your own full moon spread and card reading. You can share this spread on your Instagram or pin them on your Pinterest inspiration boards! You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

Full Moon Clarity Oracle Card Spread
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