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Oracle Cards as a Tool for Transformation

Becoming aware of your emotions is the first place to create transformation, and this is where your oracle cards can help.
Full Moon Ritual | Tips for Transformation | Oracle Cards Altar

This week’s full moon in Scorpio is loaded with the energy of transformation and rebirth. This energy can see us being drawn to our deep and intense passions given the strong sexual energy of Scorpio. Energy such as Scorpio is the perfect time to reflect on your last month and start envisioning your next month ahead.

Assessing means addressing!

Yep, all those emotions we have been avoiding need acknowledgment. It’s the only way they can transform and rebirth into the life of our dreams. Unacknowledged emotions have you acting like a dog chasing its tail. You know the feeling. The question(s); why am I still here? how did I let that happen again?, why am I still doing that?! These all stem from unacknowledged emotions, and will see you always going in circles, or creating repeat patterns of behaviour and outcomes. Use the passion and sexual creativity of the full moon in Scorpio to finally call BS on yourself and harness the power of your passions.

Who’s your mumma?

Change happens slowly, daily, patiently, and like a loving mother, your oracle cards sit alongside you and offer support. The mumma to your inner child. A voice of calm and clarity during the ebb and flow of daily hustle. Oracle cards work best when used daily. Either as a single card for their guidance and mantra or as a spread for the week that you can reflect on daily. By connecting with them daily, even for a quick shuffle, they become part of us, an extension of our intuitive nature.

Combining the energy of the stars with your oracle deck creates powerful shifts in your energy that flow into your life. Full moon energies affect us all and increase the emotions we have activated at the time. It’s why the full moon has always been associated with people going crazy. The word lunatic derives from this belief with luna representing the moon. Our bodies are 75% water and the moon affects water. Our oceans move according to the position of the moon. All water on earth is affected, and so are we.

Becoming aware of your emotions is the first place to create transformation, and this is where your oracle cards can help. They are a guide, a telephone line to YOU. The real you, the pure you who loves and flows with all. Creating rituals for yourself around the use of your cards increases your connection and intuition. For ideas on spreads click here. We have many to choose from and you will find the one that best resonates with you.

Full Moon Ritual | Tips for Transformation | Oracle Cards

Tips for Full Moon Transformations

1 / Become aware of emotions you have been neglecting – the ones with passion and the ones with poison,

2 / Write a list of what makes you feel passion, acknowledge and honour these ideas or activities,

3 / Create a ritual for the month ahead using your oracle cards,

4 / Write a mantra for yourself based on one of your unfulfilled passions.

Make the full moon in Scorpio your time for transformation and rebirth. Move beyond your current every day into the realm of endless possibilities.

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