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New Moon Spread + Powerful ritual tools for clarity

To enhance the power of this spread and to ground your new intentions, here are some powerful ritual tools for you.
New Moon Card Spread + Powerful Ritual Tools for Clarity and Connection

New Moon in Taurus is here and she’s got a strong message for us. The energy this Taurus moon emits is all about looking after YOU. If you are feeling the urge to not listen to others, to shut down, or escape for some solitude, then this is New Moon Taurus guiding you. Use this energy wisely to set up a new ritual that will see you manifesting something dear to your heart. This is an important time of year to really listen to YOU. To stop doing so much for others and start creating for you.

The New Moon Spread is ideal for this. 

To enhance the power of this spread and to ground the new intentions we have some powerful ritual tools for you.

1 / Nettle Tea

Used in ancient times as a powerful herb to help women maintain clarity and to balance hormones as it helps to process estrogen. Drink this tea as part of your New Moon ritual and each day thereafter as a physical reminder of the intention you have set yourself. This tea will help keep your mind clear, allowing you to focus on what is important to you. For ritual purposes use a special cup and teapot (if using loose leaves). Use these always from hereafter with intent. By incorporating symbolic items into your spiritual practice, you will have constant beautiful reminders around you to become present and re-focus on your heart’s desire.

2 / Light incense or burn a candle

The more physical tools you incorporate into your card spreads, the more grounded your intentions become in your everyday reality. Candles and incense are a perfect tool for this and help stimulate and awaken other senses, bringing them also into the present moment. 

3 / Pick a flower

Before you commence your spread, go into the garden and select a piece of nature. This will help connect you to her power and invite her into your sacred session. She will then become part of your intention and offer you signs wherever you go.

4 / Keep your spiritual journal handy always

As you wander through the garden for your special spread flower and make your tea, you are already starting the process of connecting with your inner self. That’s what ritual invokes. You may already during this time start to have visions, insights, or a clearer idea of what needs to be addressed. It’s important to write these down as they hold powerful answers for you. After completing your spread, write down any revelations you may have to ground them into this reality. 

Now you’re set to do your spread. May this new moon bring you many blessings.

New Moon Card Spread | The Darling Tree

New Moon Card Spread

Card 1 /
Use this card to help you set a clear intention of what you are moving towards.⁠⁠

Card 2 /
What energy is needed from you right now to move forward?⁠⁠

Card 3 /
What is the next right step? Use the guidance and your intuition with this card.⁠

Card 4 /
What meditation and affirmation do I need?⁠⁠

I hope you enjoy this ritual and card spread. You can share this spread on your Instagram or pin them on your Pinterest inspiration boards! You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

New Moon Card Spread + Powerful Ritual Tools for Clarity and Connection
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