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Inspiration to Creation Oracle Card Spread

Feeling low on inspiration? Need to reignite your creativity? If you’re looking for guidance on a new project or desire, then this is the spread for you.
Inspiration to Creation Oracle Card Spread

Inspiration is all around but unavailable to us if we are out of alignment. Our inner oracle can call us but if we are feeling negative emotions, we can’t hear our own guidance. This spread will offer you a path back to inspiration anytime you need it.

You don’t need to have a clear project or intention for this spread to activate your inner inspiration. Breathe into this moment and allow the cards to unfold. Be alert for any inner voices, feelings, or visions that happen during this spread. Write them down in your spiritual journal, that is your inner oracle calling.

Inspiration to Creation Oracle Card Spread

Card 1 /
Grounding. This is the grounding card and it holds the understanding of the energy you need right now. Place this card down and cover with your right hand. Breathe in this symbol and ask for guidance and grace during this reading.

Card 2 /
Energy activation: This card will activate the energy you need now to open yourself to limitless inspiration. Use the mantra from this card for the week. Write it down and keep it with you. Take it out regularly and breathe into your heart chakra as you say the mantra.

Card 3 /
Connection: Use the insight in this card to understand yourself and what emotional support you need from yourself right now.

Card 4 /
Support: Your angels are with you and this card is their voice.

Card 5 /
Creation: Open yourself to unlimited creation with this card. It offers a clue of the direction you are taking.

Card 6 /
Guidance: Nature is guiding you in every moment and this is her message.

Card 7 /
Intention: You have a clear intention, use this card to bring it to life.

I hope you enjoy creating your inspirational card reading. You can share this spread on your Instagram or pin them on your Pinterest inspiration boards! You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

Inspiration to Creation Oracle Card Spread
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