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5 Simple Ways to Use Your Oracle Card Deck

Oracle cards can become part of your language with your spirit guides. By incorporating them into your daily rituals, you will be amazed at how powerful they become.
Creating a Card Altar | Spiritual Practice

Oracle cards have been around for eons. They are often layered with symbolism and act as a doorway into our inner psyche and the realm of spirit. There is no right or wrong way to use them and it is encouraged that you create your own purpose for them as they are a great tool for discovering your intuition.

You will often see oracle card spreads. These are very similar to those you see for tarot cards and offer a structured approach to their use. Although there are lots of spreads to select from, sometimes we stumble upon one that feels just right, or just right for that time.

How else can oracle cards be used?

Beyond a basic card spread, oracle cards can become part of your language with your spirit guides. By incorporating them into your daily rituals, you will be amazed at how powerful they become. Here are five (5) creative ways to use your oracle card deck.

Daily meditation

Select a card for the day. Meditate on the symbol while repeating the card mantra. This is a powerful way to create transformation in your life. You can use the same card for a week, or select a new card each day. Take a photo of the card and carry it with you. Or pop it in your bag and look at it every hour and repeat your mantra. Breathe into the moment and card vibration. Watch how quickly your life will change.

Questions answered

If you find yourself at a fork in the road, or need instant guidance on a difficult situation, then pick a card. Trust that this card and the message it holds will give you clarity and help you make a decision. Write down any feelings, visions or words that may appear. This will offer you more understanding of the card’s meaning to you.

Using a Card Spread | Spiritual Practice

Past, present, future.

This quick three-card spread helps you realign with your purpose. It reaffirms who you are today, as you are able to reflect on the changes you have made in the past. You can ask for clarity about the last year or the last week.

Sacred altar

Do you have an altar? A special place in your home that you adorn with magical pieces. These pieces usually have special meaning to you. The idea of an altar is to offer you a place to surrender and connect with your inner being.  You can have it in a cupboard, or you can have it on display. A key component to an altar is ritual. Daily use and interaction. Oracle cards can become part of your altar. Select a card that will help you achieve your purpose. Place this card on your altar and incorporate it into your daily ritual. This could include; mediation, lighting a candle, prayer, journaling or mantra.

Mantra magic

Need a pick-me-up? Some mornings can be hard to get motivated. A quick pick-me-up can be achieved through the use of a mantra. Select a card at random and use the mantra on the card as a boost for the day. No intention needed. Take a photo of your mantra and repeat it throughout the day to connect and ignite your energy.

Oracle cards work best as part of daily meditation and ritual. The more you use them, the easier they are to understand. They also become touched by your vibration each time you use them, creating a direct link connecting you with spirit.

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5 Simple Ways to Use Your Oracle Card Deck
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