Finding a Creative Outlet

Finding a creative outlet


Share the creativity activities you love to do, things you really want to try, and any thoughts on the topic shared in the video!


  1. Rachael

    Jo you’re such a sweetheart, I love reading (and watching!) your stuff, let alone admiring your beautiful artistic creations. πŸ™‚

    I allowed creative activities to disappear from my life for way too long, and bringing them back has been a big part of bringing myself back to living life with joy and vibrancy. A while back I decided to create a 3D paper butterfly collage for my daughter’s bedroom, which was so fun. I loved the result, and a few friends ended up commissioning me to do pieces for their homes! These days I love to write, and I started my own blog which has been an awesome creative outlet that has fostered a lot of personal growth. I adore visuals, so making my website look beautiful has been important to me, but challenging. I’ve found some great tools to get me started as I have no experience or training, and I’d love to get more into that and create a visual feast! (I’m looking forward to checking out your posts on how you built your new website!). I’ve discovered a love for photography, and again I’m not skilled, but it’s so fun to experiment. I’d love to learn how to paint and draw. Playing with my kids has taught me to let go and have fun with that stuff, but I tend to cling on to wanting things to look beautiful. Even colouring in brings me joy, and I also found myself loving creating friendship bracelets for my daughter and her friends when she found it was a bit tricky for her to get the hang of yet. I’ve also discovered joy in decorating birthday cakes … there are so many things to get creative with, I didn’t realise til just now how much I was actually doing! πŸ™‚

    • Jo Klima

      Thank you so much Rachael! ???? Hehe yes it sounds like you bring this into your life much more now, even without realising it! I think it must have been when I was around 10 that I would have started my first business venture selling friendship bracelets! Wonderful to hear the love for them is still alive πŸ™‚ Yes blogging is such a wonderful way to express yourself through writing too. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ways you brighten up your day with these practices!

  2. Susana Tavares

    Hi Jo, just love your newsletter ????
    I have moved to a new country and I found myself thinking that I would love to try new things, in a soft new way, without pressure, as you said in your video. I am an artist and I give workshops, but now I am in a moment that I really want to appreciate life and share what I have learned and definitely try new things. So I have put together a small group of women that come to my place and we meditate, we talk, we make creative activities like painting with watercolor, collage, making visual boards, use oracle cards to bring guidance…. and I feel so good with this group of woman gathering together, just for the pleasure of being and creating in a positive way.
    Xo ❀️️

    • Jo Klima

      Oh lovely, that sounds like such a wonderful way to connect with others in a whole new country! I’d totally be up for something like that, may just have to organise it πŸ˜€

  3. Vanessa Sage

    It was so wonderful to watch this Jo! I have some art projects I’ve been meaning to do and you’ve really inspired me to just give myself that time <3

    • Jo Klima

      Thank you Vanessa! That’s so wonderful, I hope you do make that time for yourself. I can’t wait to get back to playing with my acrylics in the next few days πŸ™‚

  4. Danny Outlaw

    Do more of these!

    • Jo Klima

      Editing another one at the moment! πŸ™‚


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