The Unicorn Project

Devote your creative energy to your passion and purpose.


The good idea or dream project that you most want to create, start, make progress on, but for whatever reason it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Well, now it’s time to make it a priority and get your heart’s work out into the world.

It’s time to take that project you’ve been thinking about from dream to reality and the Unicorn Project has been created to help you make that happen!

During the month of September, you’re invited to join me on a 30-DAY ADVENTURE to get focused, get inspired and make progress on that amazing project, idea or product that your soul has been wanting to bring into the world.

What is YOUR unicorn project?

We all have that awesome project or idea that has been in our minds and hearts for a long time but it always seems to be pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. There’s many different reasons that we continue to do this, which might include:

  • your dream is so big it scares you
  • your job or clients are always the priority
  • you’re worried you will fail
  • you’re busy looking after your family
  • you can’t get motivated
  • All of the above?

Let’s change all that, and take your passion and dream from VISION to REALITY.

“The Unicorn Project is a perfect guide for any business owner, or creative, that always feels there isn’t enough time to work on something they’re passionate about creating! Beautifully presented, and lovingly created, I suggest The Unicorn Project to anyone that is looking to bring some inspired action into their life!”
Elle, Australia


As Steven Pressfield said, the more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it. I believe that we often choose to put aside our most important work because it brings up a lot of fear in us. Thoughts of not being good enough, experienced enough, not being able to make a living from it, or maybe that others will not like it. It’s all untrue.

I want us to turn that around and move from fear to magic and start creating the amazing things that the world needs us to create!

So, what is that most important thing for you to work on, create, build, start, finish, that will allow you to make the most progress and impact in creating your DREAM LIFE or BUSINESS?

“The Unicorn Project is for anyone who has an idea or dream looming in their head that they would like to make real. The very act of doing the exercises in each of the Playbooks allowed me to get in the space of creating something and focusing on what I wanted to do. It also, helped me to organize and map my ideas so they were more coherent and flowing. I even use the materials provided during the “non-Unicorn Project” months just so I can keep on track. Such a simple and beautiful program to help you reach your goals.”
Marilyn, USA

Almost 1000 incredible people have joined in the Unicorn Project since it’s first year, and here are some their first hand accounts when asked how the program has helped them the most:

  • Realising that if I want to make something happen I need to work at it consistently.
  • Keeping me accountable in a way that felt encouraging and lighthearted.
  • Focusing on what I really wanted, and allowing me to channel my energy into that.
  • Setting time aside each day for an intention or goal. The daily reminders assisted in understanding the process.
  • Getting off my butt and prioritizing daily actions.
  • The reminder to keep going.
  • Making me feel organized which hasn’t happened before.
  • My creativity, a lot of new ideas came to play.
  • Finding momentum. It was the start of my big shift to creating my desired life!
  • Feel so much more relaxed and confident that I will achieve my goal… and I did!
  • Making the project feel doable and real instead of just a tiny notion stuck in my brain.
  • Showing up every single day. No matter what.
  • Feeling like I could get started on something I had been wanting to tackle for a long time.
  • Showing me the value of creative space and making time to do this.
  • Launching something that had been up in my head for a long time.
  • Breaking up a large task into smaller, actionable steps was the perfect way to make it all feel achievable.
  • Getting clear on what I wanted to do and what steps were necessary to reach my goal.
  • Getting my ideas down on paper where I could see them and map them out.
  • Implementing the idea that small steps are better than no steps at all, and that incorporating 15 min a day does make a difference.
  • Get my creativity flowing and setting aside time for myself to do what I love.
  • Procrastination, it is rare that I procrastinate now. After accomplishing something even a small goal, it made me want more. I’ve learned that when hungry for success and progress procrastination poses no threat.


We start on September 1, 2017 for 30 days of adventure.

What’s included:

+ Daily emails with inspiration, guidance, and tips to help you begin, find focus and take steps to making your project happen.

+ Weekly playbooks to help you get organised and stay on track

Over the 30 days you will receive a daily email with inspiration, guidance, and tips to help you begin, find focus and take steps to making your project happen.

$33 AUD

Approx $26 USD

Registration has closed.

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“The Unicorn Project was perfect for reviving my creative drive. I was having a hard time staying focused on any one project so I wasn’t finishing anything. The playbooks and daily e-mails offered the support I needed with a gentle nudge to keep moving forward. I not only completed my project early but it’s lead my to my next project.”
Stephanie H, USA

“I was more consistent in this month than any other and as a result worked towards my goal well. It’s a long term goal but I’ve made a chunk in it! It helped me to be consistent but taught me to take time for myself too. It’s amazing how much I got done when I actually allowed myself to have a break.

Bexy Brennan, Australia

“The Unicorn Project helped me create an e-course in less than a month! I looked forward to the daily emails and I still use the gorgeous Play Books when planning new projects. I highly recommend the Unicorn Project to anyone who wants to create a new habit or stay focused on a project. It’s engaging, practical and fun!”
Vanessa, Canada

“I loved the experience on the unicorn project, as it was a daily reminder that even 10 minutes of my time towards my project was better than none. Reflecting back on the month I have come such a long way and that is incredibly rewarding, especially when you are dedicating your creative energy to something that you are so passionate about.”
Kelly, Australia

“I was convinced I could motivate myself, but it just wasn’t happening. I finally joined The Unicorn Project not knowing what to expect and it was exactly what I needed. Sometimes it would only be 10 minutes spent on my project, but even that little focus propelled me further ahead in 30 days than I had managed to propel myself in the span of a year. On top of that, the emails and the graphics are beautiful. Thank you for bringing progress and joy back into my project.”
Bora Mihalyi, Canada

“Whether you have your dream project on your mind or you are not certain yet what project you want to launch in your life right now, “The Unicorn Project” is a great fun and offers some wonderful tips how to do so. You just have to say “YES!”. For me, this on-line course provided a valuable framework and tools for navigating through the phases of my project. Thank you Jo!”
Monika, USA


How do I know if my project or idea is suitable?

The main focus with this offering is creating consistent daily action, and this can apply to almost anything that you really want to make happen or make progress on over 30 days. It could be creating a new business offering, a new daily yoga practice, spring cleaning your house or making art every day. But there’s one thing to keep in mind. It should be something you actually want to do, or else you’ll find it hard to stay motivated. There’s no point in choosing something you already know you won’t enjoy. Make it exciting, even if it’s scary, it’ll be a month of being brave and showing up.

What happens when I complete my registration?

You will receive a welcome email shortly after your registration has been completed. This email will be sent to the email you used when registering. On September 1, you’ll begin receiving the daily emails. The first email on day 1 will include the the link to join the private group if you would like to connect and share with others who are participating in this round.

What if I haven’t received the welcome email?

If it hasn’t arrived within a few hours please check your spam folder. Still not there? Shoot me an email.

How long will I receive access to the content?

All you need to do is keep a copy of the emails and you can access them for as long as you like. You can repeat the same process as many times as you like, and you can also join in any future rounds again for free.

“The Unicorn Project offers a framework for magical workings. The community behind it offers inspiration to sustain it!”
Edna, USA

“Such an amazing resource!!! I would highly recommend it to everyone!!! If you are looking for greater focus and finding your intention this is for you!!!”
Kara, Australia

“The Unicorn Project encouraged me to take the small steps I needed to become more productive in my passions. Thank you for this inspiring method, it truly is something special!”
Lisa, UK

“A reminder that there are no excuses really. If you want to create something you must do the work. The Unicorn Project gives you a structure and visual aid to demonstrate to your ego that progress is possible by doing a little bit each day. The Unicorn Project always helps me to highlight where my blocks are. The 30 tasks and weekly planner show the possibilities. The daily notes uncover the resistance. The worksheets help to understand the resistance and find a way forward. I like the visual aspect – once it is on the page I can’t argue with it.”
Fiona, Australia

“I’d been intrigued by the Unicorn Project when I first saw it, but wasn’t sure it was for me as I was already clear on my project. But my energy and self-compassion and all those good things I knew I needed to get through were flagging, so I jumped into the course on a bit of a whim, figuring I could use all the help I could get! I’m so glad I did. The prompts were invaluable and really helped me stay the course on days when I most wanted to postpone my work. I’m looking forward to using the program for future projects, and think it would be a lot of fun to create something entirely new with it. Thanks, Jo, for offering this gift to the world!”
Tanja, USA

“The Unicorn Project is absolutely amazing! It motivated me to work on my project every single day, for 30 days straight, a miraculous feat for a huge procrastinator! The playsheets were the magical key to keeping me productive every day. I was able to complete a project in 30 days that I had put off for 4 years (imagining it to be too daunting to commit to)! I have used the Unicorn Project for several projects already, and will continue to use it for future projects. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”
Kiki, USA

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