The Unicorn Project Journal

A journal for making each day and every dream count.

Your dream companion is here!
Unicorn Project Journal

Inspired from the playbooks created for the Unicorn Project, this journal is a beautiful way to get focused, be inspired and make progress on your amazing projects and ideas.

Simply by writing down your dreams and ideas and tracking your progress you:

  • clarify what is most important to you.
  • have a reference point for the direction you want to go.
  • become focused and specific; your thoughts become crystallized.
  • can more easily see the larger picture and create manageable smaller steps to achieve your goals.
  • build positive momentum; you begin to see it’s doable.
  • show commitment to yourself, your intent to work towards your dreams.
  • make yourself accountable and feel good when you see the progress moving forward on paper when you tick off things on your list.
  • make planning much easier when you have an overview of your thoughts and goals.
  • create a powerful declaration to yourself.

“The Unicorn Project is a perfect guide for any business owner, or creative, that always feels there isn’t enough time to work on something they’re passionate about creating! Beautifully presented, and lovingly created, I suggest The Unicorn Project to anyone that is looking to bring some inspired action into their life!” — Elle, Australia

“The Unicorn Project is absolutely amazing! It motivated me to work on my project every single day, for 30 days straight, a miraculous feat for a huge procrastinator! The playsheets were the magical key to keeping me productive every day. I was able to complete a project in 30 days that I had put off for 4 years (imagining it to be too daunting to commit to)! I have used the Unicorn Project for several projects already, and will continue to use it for future projects. I can’t recommend it highly enough!” — Kiki, USA

Unicorn Project Journal
Make your own magic
How it works

The Unicorn Project Journal is an extension to the online email series The Unicorn Project. It’s designed to help you get focused, get inspired and make progress on that amazing project, idea or product that your soul has been wanting to bring into the world.

Your journal will take you through the process of:

Deciding on your project Setting your intentions Tracking your progress Taking inspired action Reviewing your project

Journal features

for the stationery nerds within us

Unicorn Project Journal
Unicorn Project Journal
Unicorn Project Journal
Unicorn Project Journal
What's inside...

6 x 30-day Unicorn Projects

Each section divided by sturdy 300gsm beautiful metallic Violet card.

Stunning lilac foil print on the cover

Front and back cover premium 470gsm card with protective Matt cello finish.

112 pages for mapping out your dreams

Internal pages printed on Australian made quality uncoated 120gsm paper stock.

Spacious size of 200x240mm (7.8x9.5 in)

All held together with black wire binding for easy use.

Little quotes to keep you motivated

And extra pages for writing down your inspiring thoughts and ideas.

All designed and printed locally in Australia

You are supporting a small independent business and local suppliers.

She kissed her comfort zone goodbye and stepped into her potential.

Free gift!

The next 50 orders for the Unicorn Project Journal receive a bonus pack of stickers!

Heart stickers


These beautiful stickers are the perfect way to track progress over your 30-day unicorn project!

win extra journal


With 2 journals you’ll have space for 12 unicorn projects, that’s a full year of making your dreams happen if you use the method every month, or space them out as you need to!

Pre-order by November 30 FOR YOUR GIFT + ENTRY!

Free gift!

The next 50 orders for the Unicorn Project Journal receive a bonus pack of stickers!

Heart stickers


These beautiful stickers are the perfect way to track progress over your 30-day unicorn project!

Order now!

Be quick to receive your bonus gift and keep bringing your dreams to life with this simple to use and beautifully created journal. There’s no other product out there like it!

$33 AUD + shipping

Approx $25 USD + Shipping – See currency conversion
(+GST for Australian orders)


Pre-order now!

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This is the last chance to register for the email series and get the beautiful printed journal together! Be sure to hurry, as there is limited stock left.
Read about the Unicorn Project here!

$66 $55 AUD + shipping

Approx $43 USD + Shipping – See currency conversion
(+GST for Australian orders)

WE Begin the 30-day adventure ON SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2017!

Shipping info


Australian Customers: Sent via Regular Parcel Post which takes 3-5 business days and includes tracking.

International Customers: You have the option to send International Standard, which includes tracking, or International Economy Air which does not. Postage can take up to 3 weeks. Some packages to Canada have taken up to 6 weeks so please be patient!

“The Unicorn Project was perfect for reviving my creative drive. I was having a hard time staying focused on any one project so I wasn’t finishing anything. The playbooks and daily e-mails offered the support I needed with a gentle nudge to keep moving forward. I not only completed my project early but it’s lead my to my next project.”
Stephanie H, USA

“I was more consistent in this month than any other and as a result worked towards my goal well. It’s a long term goal but I’ve made a chunk in it! It helped me to be consistent but taught me to take time for myself too. It’s amazing how much I got done when I actually allowed myself to have a break.

Bexy Brennan, Australia

“The Unicorn Project helped me create an e-course in less than a month! I looked forward to the daily emails and I still use the gorgeous Play Books when planning new projects. I highly recommend the Unicorn Project to anyone who wants to create a new habit or stay focused on a project. It’s engaging, practical and fun!”
Vanessa, Canada

“I loved the experience on the unicorn project, as it was a daily reminder that even 10 minutes of my time towards my project was better than none. Reflecting back on the month I have come such a long way and that is incredibly rewarding, especially when you are dedicating your creative energy to something that you are so passionate about.”
Kelly, Australia

“I was convinced I could motivate myself, but it just wasn’t happening. I finally joined The Unicorn Project not knowing what to expect and it was exactly what I needed. Sometimes it would only be 10 minutes spent on my project, but even that little focus propelled me further ahead in 30 days than I had managed to propel myself in the span of a year. On top of that, the emails and the graphics are beautiful. Thank you for bringing progress and joy back into my project.”
Bora Mihalyi, Canada

“Whether you have your dream project on your mind or you are not certain yet what project you want to launch in your life right now, “The Unicorn Project” is a great fun and offers some wonderful tips how to do so. You just have to say “YES!”. For me, this on-line course provided a valuable framework and tools for navigating through the phases of my project. Thank you Jo!”
Monika, USA

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