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Guidance for the Energy of Scorpio Season

Explore the deep and healing energy of Scorpio with spiritual affirmations, an oracle card reading, and crystal healing — plus download your free art print.
Guidance for the Energy of Scorpio Season | Artwork

Welcome to the season of Scorpio. To clarify, we all feel the energy of Scorpio working in our lives during this period, no matter what month we were born.

When the sun is in your sign of Scorpio, you may find the themes that come up are heightened. This guide is to help you and the other signs stay centred and connected with your inner self by bringing your awareness to what may come up for you. You can also use this guide to understand and support the Scorpio friend in your life.

This month is ruled by Mars, Pluto and the water element, so we will benefit from leaning into more of our shadow side and doing the deeper energy work we may have been avoiding. When it comes to change and transformation, it is better to initiate the transition by paying attention to your current needs and desires, than having it sneak up on you. We don’t need to control everything but we can be open to flowing with what needs to shift.

For those of us who are earth, fire, and air signs, we are being asked to move deeper into the shadows of our inner selves which comes more naturally to the water sign. This may look like widening the social circle with more meaningful connections or taking action on something only you know deep down you want.

This powerful track by Aurora ‘The Seed’ has the feels for this season.

Read on as I share some ways you can navigate the deeper waters of the energy of Scorpio.

The zodiac sign of


Element: WATER ▽
Tarot: DEATH

When in balance: Transformative, deep, healing, passionate, perceptive, determined, sacred, instinctual, sexual, expressive, magnetic.

When out of balance: Secretive, uncompromising, paranoid, vengeful, withdrawn, jealous, intolerant, controlling.

To bring into balance: Go deeper in conversations, share a vulnerability, do shadow work, use your tarot decks, take a cleansing bath, give yourself a massage, get intimate with your desires. Explore your witchy side and dance in the moonlight, cast a spell, wear black.

Scorpio Season

oracle card spread

Here is an illuminating 5-card oracle card spread you can do during Scorpio season between October 23 to November 22, for the new moon in Scorpio, or anytime if your zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Grab your favourite oracle or tarot deck, or mix it up if you like. Shuffle the cards, and ask these questions as you draw each card.

Spend some time journaling on the messages you receive to dive deeper into how the current energy is affecting you and how you can amplify areas of your life to get deep and honest.

Scorpio Season Oracle Card Spread

CARD 1 /

What is a major theme of this Scorpio season for me?

CARD 2 /

What change am I being guided towards?

CARD 3 /

How can I bring ease into this transition?

CARD 4 /

What shadow have I ignored and repressed?

CARD 5 /

How can I reconnect with my passions?

Want to try the online version of a 5-card spread?
Scorpio Season

Healing Gemstones

With the help of crystals and their energy fields, we can enhance our natural gifts and improve our weaknesses. Here are three gemstones to support and balance us during this time of year.

Scorpio Gemstones | Malachite, Obsidian and Carnelian


Malachite can help us stay grounded while working with such intense energy of Scorpio. It absorbs and shifts negative energy and patterns. It’s a stone of transformation and exploring these mystical watery depths. It is a powerful healer that can help clear triggers and release suppressed emotions. Connected with the heart chakra.


A powerful stone for deeper insights and answers as it reveals the truth. It dissolves tension and moves stagnant energy. It’s considered a stable stone but do cleanse it often. Use it for transformation and metamorphosis as it works fast and with great power. Connected with the root chakra.


This orange-red stone helps restore vitality and energy in your body. Use it during this Scorpio season for stimulating and rejuvenating an area of your life, and for a boost of passion and courage. It can help dispel feelings of fear, anger, jealousy and lethargy. Connected with the sacral and solar plexus chakra.

Scorpio Season

Positive Affirmations

Here are six spiritual affirmations you can use to connect and work with the Scorpio energy. Write down one or two that you feel most connected to. Place it near you to remind yourself and, throughout the day, focus on them and repeat a few times, to feel the truth embody you.

I have the drive to follow my dreams.

I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.

I have the power to transform my situation.

I deserve pleasure in my life.

I embrace my healing process.

I am passionate about creating a magical life.

Scorpio Season Free Artwork Print Download

Download your free copy of the artwork for Leo! This is a high-quality A4 artwork you can add to your sacred space.

Use it as a reminder to check in with yourself and how you are feeling throughout the month and come back to this post to check in and realign where you need to.

Simply fill in your name and email, and when you hit the button you will be redirected to a page where you can download your artwork.

Scorpio Season


This free download is for personal use only. It cannot be resold, reworked, redistributed, or used otherwise without permission. To share it with others please direct them to this blog post, thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this Scorpio season energetic guide! You can share and find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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