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Creating my dream website with wordpress

After almost 2 years on Squarespace, which felt like far too long, I am now back with my beloved WordPress and I couldn’t be happier. Years ago I taught myself how to code WordPress sites and themes from scratch. That knowledge is still useful of course but so many awesome resources have been released in that time which means that WordPress can do almost anything you want a site to do, without too much technical complexity.

The equinox is upon us this week. It’s the balancing point in the cycle of the seasons, when day and night are equal in length. For us in the southern hemisphere we are heading into Spring, and for those further north, you’ll be welcome Autumn/Fall. I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate each of the seasons and understand how it affects us as we are so closely linked to nature and its cycles.

You know those quieter moments in your business where you have to make the decision to keep following the path you feel led to go even though you don’t really know what’s going to happen and you entertain the idea of taking the easier path to what you know would bring in the cash but that you don’t really want to do? Yeah that.

Is there something you can decide to do, over the next 30 days, that will help change things for you. The most important part of the Unicorn Project is just showing up. Letting yourself see that even the smallest action can start creating momentum. Once you connect with that feeling of flow and energy, amazing things can happen.

In my online workshops I talk a bit about how being creative and making art is not about what you actually make or how good it is, but how the process can become part of your spiritual practice and allow you to express your thoughts and feelings, connect with your intuitive self, break through creative blocks and experience more peace and mindfulness.

I’m about 12 days into a 50 day experiment, although I’m calling it an immersion, for the simple reason that I have a few things I really want to focus on up until I go on my next trip in August. I think what really works well in the Unicorn Project is having one project, idea or practice to focus on, breaking it down to smaller parts, having the commitment to at least spend a few minutes each day on it.

I received an email last week from a stressed out student asking for any tips for staying focused and not stressing and I thought it may be something you might be struggling with too. Her email mentioned that she is running behind on uni work but every time she sits down to work on it she feels overwhelmed and lacking confidence.


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