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2020 calendar

A dream playground to call in your new reality.

The Dreamscapes 2020 calendar is a beautiful and unique new product which explores your dreams and intentions and what could be possible. How can you look past what is in front of you, what you have always known and what you believe to be true. Is there something calling you to dream a new future into being. Is there one small thing you can bring into each day that can open you up to an expansive experience. Within these artworks and messages, my hope is to inspire you to explore within a dream playground.

Pre-order now open!

The calendar will go into production mid-October, with shipping expected to begin end of October and early November. This product will be printed locally in Brisbane, Australia.


2020 Calendar

This wall calendar includes:

  • 12 beautiful dreamscape artworks for each month
  • Inspiring message for each month’s energy
  • Created for Northern and Southern hemispheres
  • New moon and full moon dates (specifically notes Brisbane, London and New York moon times)
  • Solstice and Equinox dates
  • Prompts to create intentional action for the month
  • Large 30 x 30cm size

$33 AUD

Approx. $22 USD | £18 | €20

Shipping to most international cities: $17.95 AUD 
Approx. $12 USD | £10 | €11

A little reminder that my shop is based in Australian dollars, which means that if you are outside of Australia the currency conversion generally works in your favour! When checking out with Paypal you will see the actual conversion in your currency.

Be in the draw to win this amazing prize pack!

Pre-order before October 14th and automatically go into the draw to win an incredibly dreamy pack of beautiful goodies. One lucky person who pre-orders will receive all of this:

  • A bonus copy of the Dreamscapes 2020 Calendar
  • A copy of the popular Inner Star Oracle Deck
  • A Spirit Eye Card Altar – the perfect way to display oracle cards.
  • A MiGoals 2020 Diary – my favourite yearly planner
  • A Eucalyptus Blue Gum essential oil from The Witch Apprentice
  • A custom handmade set of metallic watercolours along with a easy travel tin and paintbrush.
  • A copy of Contemporary Landscapes – a mixed media art guide.
  • A beautiful Amethyst cluster crystal.