Invoke magic and bring your intention into visual form.


Bring your intention for the coming months into visual form as we invoke powerful guides, messengers and symbols; weaved together with wild creative abandon to create a beautiful artwork which holds magical power for your journey ahead.


AMULET is an intentional art online workshop to guide you through your own intuitive mixed media art project.

Designed to help you manifest your desired intention for the next three month period to the June Solstice.

We’ll be invoking powerful goddesses, animal messengers, sacred symbols, the elements and colour.

You decide its purpose and combine what resonated and connects with your intention. Using creative and fun methods, you will have a beautiful visual representation of your intention.

“I have always been drawn to colours, creativity, wisdom & spirituality so taking part in Amulet was an experience very close to my heart and totally in alignment with my passion! Jo has such a beautiful gift to offer, her knowledge and passion guided me to create straight from my heart. It was truly beautiful! I cannot wait to do it again!”
Alana Arvanitis, Australia

Stepping into my power


Creativity and making art intuitively has been a huge part of my own spiritual practice the last few years. It has really been the core of so many positive changes in myself, my business and my life. I really believe that using your creativity and making intuitive art can help you with:

  • learning more about your path and your purpose
  • accessing and connecting with your inner wisdom
  • inviting more mindfulness into your life
  • expressing yourself, your true self
  • getting back into your creative flow
Connect with divine source

Workshop content

Welcome to Amulet

PART 1: Welcome to Amulet

2 VIDEOS — I introduce you to the workshop, the intentions that I’ll be working on, and share some quick info about the art supplies you might like to use. You’ll begin with deciding on your intention (you can have more than one!) that you want to focus on for the next few months. Please Note: you can do this workshop with just a few supplies you already have! Or have some fun trying out some new mediums and materials.

The Power of Colour

PART 2: The Power of Colour

3 VIDEOS – We’ll talk about how colour has such a powerful effect on us. You’ll look into the different meaning of colours and select the ones which resonate the most strongly with your intention. This will be the starting point in beginning your intentional artwork as you create the background. This is a wonderful way to begin your artwork as it invites to get messy, have fun, and just let your heart express itself freely.

Invoking the goddess

PART 3: Invoking the Goddess

3 VIDEOS – Celebrating the goddess is a wonderful way to begin seeing and enjoying everyday magic and in this part of your artwork you’ll get to choose which one you want to invoke to help you bring their amazing energy behind your intention. We’ll be using a really simple and fun way to include your chosen goddess into your artwork.

The wisdom of animals

PART 4: The Wisdom of Animals

3 VIDEOS – In our lives we often have amazing experiences with other animals but there’s so much incredible deeper wisdom that we can learn from the creatures we share this earth with. Connecting with animals can provide deep spiritual insight and guidance for your life and you’ll be picking an animal to bring into your artwork to draw in the qualities you feel a connection with.

Alchemy and the elements

PART 5: Alchemy and the Elements

3 VIDEOS – We’ll take a deeper look into the five elements of Spirit, Fire, Air, Water and Earth as well as the ancient alchemical symbols which have powerful meanings you can infuse into your intention. In this part of the workshop you’ll be adding the final main elements to your artwork and it will start coming together to form a really strong visual behind your intention.

Final step to completion

PART 6: Final Step to Completion

3 VIDEOS – In the final part of the workshop you’ll be guided in completing your artwork with a few finishing touches and finer details.

“I had been ignoring an inner craving for some time to start an art project so when Amulet came to my attention I couldn’t process my payment fast enough, art and spirituality what a beautiful combination!! It provided me with a gentle guideline to get centred, get creative and access my inner artist. Amulet is still resonating within me, I can’t stop drawing, painting and creating. Beautifully presented with easy to follow instructions and suggestions I can’t recommend this online workshop enough.”
Melina, Australia

You’ll receive access to 17 VIDEOS in total, where you’ll learn more about each topic, as well as demonstrating the creation of 2 INTENTIONAL ARTWORKS using this fun and simple method.

Whether YOU are a total beginner or you already like to make art, this workshop is perfect for you!


Over 11 days you’ll receive an email every 2 days with videos. You’ll also have the option to access all the content if you want to progress a bit faster!

Price: $97 AUD

Approx $73 USD



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“Amulet is such an inspiring, fun and easy way to explore art as a spiritual practice. Jo’s style is very intuitive and approachable. I loved watching the videos, as she made each step of the project look effortless and inviting. Besides getting my (dusty) paints out, I also got to learn about goddesses, animal totems and alchemical elements. All areas I’ve been interested in and explored a bit on my own but what a unique way to explore them all together through painting. Jo’s creative spirit shines like a beacon for anyone interested in living creatively and following their heart’s dreams. I look forward to her future projects – I know whatever she comes up with will be beautifully creative.”
Sharon Newsom, USA

“I’ve only come back to visual art in the last couple years. I really hadn’t done much since childhood. I was so intrigued by The Amulet Workshop and working with goddesses and spirit animals through art that I knew I had to try it. I could not be happier that I did. I was really surprised by what came through and how powerful the process became. I found myself thinking about my paintings even when I was busy with other responsibilities. That drove me to carve space in my schedule to watch Jo’s videos, get out my art supplies and create. I’ve put my finished pieces on my altar and already feel the shifts they are creating in my life. Thanks to The Darling Tree, I have a whole other way to connect with Divine energies.”
Jen Young, USA

“Amulet has been the best medicine for me! I began painting with my 6 year old daughter before my spirit quest to India. We loved watching the videos, exploring colors, goddesses, animals and ancient symbols together. It was wonderful to share a creative outlet with my daughter before leaving on my journey. When I returned home, I was able to pick up where I started and go deeper into my work. I could channel Goddesses and fine tune the message that was given to me while I was in India with more creative clairvoyance. Many times words cannot transcend the experience BUT a picture can speak a thousand words! I am truly grateful that Jo provided an organized and creative way of tapping into the essence of life’s experiences through painting. I look forward to more Amulet adventures with Jo and my daughter! Blessings!”
Liz Black, Australia

“The ‘Amulet’ experience was a heart centered one. At first I got a bit caught up with which Goddess and Spirit-Animal I should be working with but watching the videos helped me breath into my own space and everything fell into place. The Goddess and the Spirit-Animal found me, rather than me finding them. I loved being clear on my intention and what I needed, to support me and stay aligned with this intention. The ‘Amulet’ course helped me get focused and express this in a very creative way. This piece of art is now hanging in my work space and reminds on a daily basis of my intention and it is amazing how the Goddess has come into my life since I took the “Amulet” course. Thank you Jo for this heart centered and touching experience!”
Alexandra Riederich


What if I've never created any art before?

This workshop is totally suitable for beginners, a lot of the steps in the process I show you’ll be able to follow along with your own artwork.

How long will I receive access to the content?

All you need to do is keep a copy of the emails and you can access them for as long as you like. The videos will remain on Vimeo, you can also download them 🙂 You will also get links to download transcripts of all the videos.

What happens when I complete my registration?

You will receive a welcome email shortly after your registration has been completed. This email will be sent to the email you used when registering.

What if I haven’t received the welcome email?

If it hasn’t arrived within a few hours please check your spam folder. Still not there? Shoot me an email.

Life is pretty busy at the moment, how can I fit this in too?

All the more reason to take some time out for yourself to experience some creative mindfulness and play! You could set aside just a couple hours to create your artwork in one sitting.

“I loved your Amulet course. I found it empowering and cathartic. I felt so inspired by your simple instructional videos and was able to truly let myself create without judgment or reservation. I don’t draw, and I have a very low confidence level creating visual art because I’ve never tried it much, and this experience was so easy and fun. Thank you for creating this course! I feel like you taught me a new way to relate to my mind and express my deepest yearnings.”
Andrea Rodican

“I’m so grateful Jo created the Amulet Workshop course. I have been painting on and off forever, but have had a drought of inspiration lately. It’s been more than a year since the last time I painted and more than 10 years since the last time that I consistently, regularly painted. I have always wanted to pursue art as more than a hobby and this course has kickstarted that hunger in me by giving me a theme to work with. Now that I have momentum, I’m going to keep going. “
Jade Ghenzer

“I took Jo’s Amulet course and devoured the content in days. I loved how I could pace it my own way and watch a few videos in a row, to match the flow of my inspiration and Art-making.
I’ve come out with a beautiful, soulful Artwork and some great symbolic content for my future works also.”
Chrissy Foreman Cranitch, Australia

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